Let's save the time of a monthly new release check!

Service carries out a new release check instead of you.

A new release day is looked for by keywords, such as a title and the author.

"SINKAN" means a new publication in Japanese.

This service is utilizing the merchandise information managed by "Amazon.com".

We announce you the discovered item by various methods, such as e-mail, a calendar, RSS feed etc. A correspondence category is wide range from a comic to a game or a figure to a paperback, and CD and DVD. It is useful to the check of a new release whose you looked for the new release corner of a bookstore every month until now. It will become without buying and missing a new release.

First of all, please look at "How to Sinkan.com".

We introduce the structure of Sinkan.com intelligibly.

Item of Today release

There are no Item of Today release.