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User name is "Mypage title" and "Public user on each page" will be displayed as.


It comes to be able to see your Schedule/Discover from other users by making it to "Public".

Moreover, when Widget are used, it is necessary to make it to "Public".

Display range upcoming releases

This is a range of the release date displayed when "Upcoming release" is chosen on Schedule and Keyword page.

Schedule title

This is displayed as a title of your Schedule page.

Email notifications

It notifies user's Email address once a day if the checked item is updated.

The bought item is not included in the notification.

The notified time is changed by specifying the notification time of mail.

However, it might be several hours late from the setting by the limitation of the system.

Email notifications | Notify the discovered items

It notifies when there are "Item newly discovered" and "Item to which important information is changed".

"Sale in the future" or "Put it on the market within two months bygones" is notified.

The bought item is not included.

Email notifications | Notify the items release soon.

It is notified that "Day before the release date" or "Item that has been shipped in" exists in the item.

The bought item is not included.

If the item of the key word newly registered will be release in the past two months, it is included in this notification.

Amazon Associates ID

Amazon associate ID of the user ownership can be added.

When the person who is not the user accesses "" by the following routes, associate ID is applied.

  • User's 「Schedule / Discover page」 - 「Item page」 - 「」
  • User's 「Widget / RSS Feed / ICAL」 - 「Item page」 - 「」

Please see "Amazon associate" about "Amazon associate program".

Twitter Notices

Satisfied item is tweet to Twitter your Timeline.

Please set the name and the password and select the condition of contributing on.

  • Discovered item
  • Item release today
  • Ordered item
  • Got item
  • Finished item


The password can be changed by inputting it to both "Current password" and "New password".