Help | Privacy policy

Last updated on April 1,2010. recognize that personal information is important.

This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect, and how we may use it to provide the service.

This service is provided to collect personal information on signup or the user's consent.

This service records may include information such as URL, IP address, browser type, language, the date and time.

"Google Analytics" is used for management and the analysis of the access log.

This service never sell, rent or share your personal information to any third parties without your consent, under the law, reason that corresponds to it.

The statistical information of the access log etc. that the individual cannot specify might be shared with the third party.

Storage of personal information is handled appropriately.

Setting of personal information can be done on the options page after login.

When you withdraw the user's information will be deleted after a certain period.

Period of time to store your personal information is to prevent the offense or misconduct.

Service does not use the personal information after the withdrawal.

When we consign the processing of personal information to the third party, the privacy policy of this service is made to conform to the other party.

The inquiry concerning the handling of individual information corresponds by Customer Support().