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Last updated on April 1,2010.


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User account and password, please user's own risk management.

The registration of this service might be canceled, when there is false in the user's registration, or it violates the rule, or it is judged it is improper additionally.


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Please avoid the following violations.

  • Violations of copyright and patent.
  • Violations of privacy.
  • Slander and defamation to the other companies.
  • Fraud
  • Act of becoming illegal like other crimes etc.

Consideration to use

This service is available free of charge.


This service might be changed, be interrupted, and be stopped without a previous notice.

We will not guarantee the content such as the accuracy of information published and moralities and the latest, in this service.

Operation of the service aims stability as possible. However, I shall assume that any warranty obligations and for any damage caused by service outages or defects.


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