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Introduction is service that retrieves release dates of the book, DVD, CD, and the game, etc. that match to the keyword that the user registered.

The notification of the discovery of a new item that matches to the keyword can be received, and the item put on the market soon be confirmed in the schedule calendar.

  • Want to know more will be available when your favorite comic!
  • Want to know when a new book to be released novel by a favorite author!
  • Want to know when the singer released her CD!
  • DVD/Blu-ray that started the season can not wait to be released!
  • Want to check the release date for the brand you are buying games all the time!

Ideal for people like the above.

It easily deletes it from the list if there is something that there is no necessity in the discovered item.

In addition, it comes not to hesitate whether to have bought it because the sign "Order" and "Buy" can be put on the item.

Please construct only your "Schedule calendar" on the web!

Signup (FREE)

Please input and register the mail address, the password, and the name of the user.

The problem is not in the name of the user even if the same user as another exists.

Signup Screen

The registration confirmation Email reaches your Email address after pre-registers.

When it accesses confirmation URL described in Email, the user's registration is completed.

Add a new keyword

First of all, please add the keyword.

The result of high accuracy is obtained when registering by the title and the author.

Add Keyword Screen


The key word is added and the retrieval result is reflected in "Discover" after a while.

Discover Screen

However, being reflected in "Discover" can hold and does the item release in the past two months.

To reserve the new item promptly, you may regularly check this "Discover".

You can easily observe it by registering "RSS Feed" to the RSS reader.


Discovered items is displayed to "Schedule".

The schedule calendar is displayed by the calendar form today. It is the best for the check what on release today, tomorrow or this week.

Schedule Screen

You can refer to this schedule table by "ICAL format".

The release date of items can be checked in the environment corresponding to "ICAL Format" such as Google Calendar, MacOS iCal, or Mozilla Sunbird.

Then, immediately signup and to "" world please!


Guest Account

Even if you felt the atmosphere of service, "Guest Account" was prepared.

Please experience actual use feelings about the function though it is limited.